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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Invitation to join "Climate, Gender and Food Sovereignty Caravan, November-2011, Bangladesh"

Dear Friend,
We are glad to invite you to join "Climate, Gender and Food Sovereignty Caravan" in Bangladesh at November 2011. Bangladesh Krishok Federation and Bangladesh Kishani Sabha is the host of the Caravan. Please visit details information on Caravan in our website
We are also requesting to you to spread this invitation to your other friends that they can join to the Caravan. If you have any question and need any more information please write to us.
Is it possible to advertise about Caravan in your website or blog? If possible it will be really good for us. If you are in facebook please make an event on our caravan and send to all your facebook friends.
We are also in facebook:
We want to inform more people about our climate caravan especially people of industrialized countries. Hope you will help us.

Link here..

Best regards


Monday, November 22, 2010

Meeting with CNG run auto-rickshaw driver

BKF & BKS are trying to organize in labor sector in Dhaka. At 22 November 2010 we met some labor especially CNG run auto-rickshaw driver in Rayer Bag area of Dhaka city. Auto-rickshaw driver said their problems and how it possible to solved. They also feel that they have to unite for solve the problems.
We have target to buildup a trade union and then federation of trade unions of that type informal labor sector.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Landless human chain for permanent settlement

25 October 2010 BKF & BKS Barisal district committee jointly organized a human chain in front of Barisal town hall to demand distribution of khas (fallow) land among the 498 landless families immediately settlement permanently who are living in the Rasulpur Char (small island). Rasulpur char is close to Barisal city and 498 landless families' starts live on the char from 2000. They are living on the char till now with hard movements but still didn't get any papers from government.
Recently they filed a case in court against local government that they are not implementing government declaration and also not following instruction of land manual. Case is going on and movement too. This program was the part of that land occupation movements.

Friday, October 22, 2010

BKF and BKS Kurigram district committee jointly organized a big mobilization in Bangladesh northern district Kurigram

20 October 2010 Bangladesh Krishok Federation(BKF) and Bangladesh Kishani Sabha(BKS) Kurigram district committee jointly organized a big mobilization. They encircled DC (District Commissioner) office and submit a memorandum to DC.   
People uses Bus, truck and local three wheeler for transport and some people come by walk to attend the DC office encircle and memorandum submit program. Some thousand people joined the program and most of them were woman peasants as well as woman landless. District Commissioner was not present in the office but he talked with others of his officers. ADM (Assistant district magistrate) took memorandum on behalf of DC. ADM come in front of people and delivered a short speech said that they will try to solve the demands.
8 point demands of memorandum were:
1. All khas (fallow) land and water bodies have to distribute immediately among the genuine and local landless and fisher flock.
2. All khas land and water bodies have to recover form illegal occupier and restore public rights on them according to land and water bodies' law.
3. Rationing system start immediately among the landless and peasants with symbolic price (very low price).
4. Rehabilitee river erosion victim family immediately.
5. Government has to arrange works for all agricultural labor for whole year. If they fail they have to payee allowance for survive.
6. Price hike of all daily essential goods including rice, dal, edible and fuel oil have to reduce and bring down under the poor people purchasing capacity.
7. Remit all the agricultural lone including NGOs microcredit.
8. Take step to preserve the historical bridge of kurigram named Sonarhat bridge.

The program day was so hot and sunny and our collective procession was more than 3 kilometers, so all peoples was tired. But most of the peoples are pleased that they encircled DC office and responsible authority make hope on their demands. Some aged woman was short time hospitalized for hit stroke.

BKF & BKS jointly organized the program on 10-10-10

In the morning we organized campaign on climate change to celebrate the 10-10-10 global work party declared by on the river of Burigrnga in Dhaka. We campaign affect of climate change and future of the Bangladesh.

We are not member of 350 yet but we thought that we can be a part of the global work party. Our arrangement was so simple but we are a part of this day on climate change works.